Established in 2004. Matt and Marilu are the founders of G&H Printing. They moved to Naples in 2000 after living and working in NYC for almost a year. Matt hated the winter and found a job as architect in Naples over the Internet. Meanwhile, Marilu found a job in a local photo lab, where she learned the skill of commercial printing and color management. When they had their second child, Marilu decided to open her own business. At that time Matt was laid off from an architect’s firm and joined Marilu in the adventure.

Matt has added his architectural mind to a lot of our products, specially for commercial applications, such as signs, trade show displays, backlits and their exclusive floating aluminum panels.

Marilu is from Venezuela. She moved to The States when Chavez won his first election in 1998. She graduated there with a major in Communications (Journalism, movie and TV production). Her hobbies are improv, acting, filmmaking, and tango.

1440 Rail Head Blvd Ste 1 Naples FL 34110 | Tel +1 239 430 6281 | info@gandhprinting.com

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